Every bag a little piece of forest against climate change

Luis Armando Sanchez Gradiz has lived in the countryside since childhood. The smallholder has just more than one hour to reach the town of Somoto. But a devastating drought threatens his family's existence as farmers. The crop hardly feeds the family. They need better prospects, otherwise it isn't clear if the family can stay in their native land.

A severe drought has ruined the rural economy in Nicaragua for four years. Climate change is not a topic for scientific debates in the country – it is the central daily life issue millions of smallholder families face. Without any social security, people have to rely on their families. If the whole family depends on farming and therefore stable climatic conditions, that scarce resources are soon depleted.

We don't simply give money to the farmers but help them to plant trees on their grounds. The donations from TOM TAILOR will be used to buy seedlings and to build up a wider knowledge about the handling of native tree species among the smallholder community. The donation of 10 bags translates into the planting of one square meter of newly planted forest.

Luis Armando Sanchez Gradiz' trees have a double impact: His trees will extract water from the air and keep it in the soil. This improves his own living condition and the living conditions of nearby farmers. Apart from that his trees will be a part of a larger project in which about 1.000 hectares of forests have already been planted in Northern Nicaragua. This results in increasing rain fall in the region and a viable aid against climate change.